We are a solution-focused consulting agency based in the metro Atlanta, GA area. However, we work with communitieschurches, politicians, government officials, nonprofit organizations, and lawmakers nationwide.

Collectively, we possess over 30 years of professional work experience as working professionals, leaders, and consultants in the private, public, and social sectors. Both personally and professionally, we are purpose-driven visionaries, advocates, and change agents who are called to be a solution to our community, our nation, and the world.

Together, we believe in the importance of conducting data-driven research to develop innovative solutions that can be implemented by policymakers and practitioners in the public and social sectors to improve the lives and futures of those to whom we are called to serve


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Monique C. Baisden 
Community Advocate 

Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education, Clark Atlanta University
Master of Arts, Communications and Leadership Studies,

Gonzaga University

Shanithia Kendrick.jpg

Shanithia Kendrick 
Ordained Pastor
Mental Health Counselor and Advocate

Bachelor of Arts, Women and Gender Studies, Georgia State University

Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Medaille College

Learn more about our Co-Founders below :


Website and Bio for Monique C. Baisden

Website and Bio for Shanithia Kendrick 


As a solution-focused consulting agency, our mission is to provide innovative solutions for communitieschurches, politicians, government officials, and lawmakers at the local, state, and federals levels.


In terms of solutions, one of our primary focus areas is developing mental health counseling solutions for faith-based spaces. We partner with churches that are seeking to launch on-site Christian counseling centers that will provide pastoral counseling to congregational members


Additionally, we partner with local governments and police departments to provide solutions for crime prevention and mental health resources, training, and best practices, as it pertains to emergency-related situations dealing with persons experiencing mental distress

Another one of our primary focus areas is the development of solutions for policymakers, advocacy groups, politicians, and decision makers at thlocal, state, and federal government levels. We conduct and present research for innovative and equitable community solutions to these individuals and organizations that include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainable, eco-friendly affordable housing communities

  • Trailblazing community-first, housing-first solutions for the homeless

  • New business ventures and job development solutions for community and economic development in urban and rural communities